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Pipeline Project Experience:

Design-Build Brightwater Marine Outfall, King County, WA

ENR’s Civil/Heavy construction project Best of the Best 2009

Triton Marine Construction and I put a team in place for the qualification phase of the project.  After being accepted as one of five design build firms allowed to bid, I assisted in the design, focusing primarily on constructability and cost issues. Upon award I assumed the role of Construction Project Manager for the $30 million King County Brightwater Marine Outfall which provides wastewater discharge of up to 170 MGD to Puget Sound.  The project consisted of approximately 400 LF of 84” diameter steel pipe and 5000 LF of twin 63” diameter HDPE pipes (DR 21 and 26) each with a 250-foot long diffuser.  The pipelines were buried in the nearshore area out to -80 feet MLLW and laid on the sea bottom from there to the final terminus at a depth of 600 feet.  Approximately 600 LF of the nearshore trench was shored using steel sheetpile to minimize the impact area footprint.  A nearly 300-foot long work trestle was constructed alongside the nearshore trench area to facilitate sheetpile installation, digging, pipe installation, and backfill.  The work trestle was constructed of two lines of 24” steel pipe piles at 30’ centers connected with steel wide flanged beams and decked with 22’ long crane mats.  The design build contract was completed in a 13-month period from October 2007 (start of design) to November 2008 (completion of construction) including final acquisition of permits.

Deep Lake HDPE Pipeline Installation, Lake Ontario, Toronto, Canada

Responsible for consulting, management, and site supervision for installation of three 63-inch-diameter HDPE pipelines extending 18,000 feet in 280 feet of Lake Ontario water.  I was brought in to head up the project, from startup until all thee pipelines were on the bottom and intake structures attached.  My specific functions included setting up the fusion and weight installation area in Belleville, Ontario; developing towing procedures and oversee towing of pipelines for the 162 miles from Belleville to Toronto; and designing anchorages to accommodate the 18 sections of pipe needed for the project.  Anchorages were in the Bay of Quinte, Belleville and just off Toronto Island in Lake Ontario.   Developed the deployment procedures used in this particular environment.  I supervised the deployment of each pipe float-and-sink method, with a pull of 38 tons required.    The total project value was $35 million.

U.S. Naval Base HDPE Sewer Outfall, Jacksonville, FL

Project Superintendent for installation of approximately 400 feet of 18-inch and 22-inch HDPE sewer outfall into the St. Johns River.  The outfall had an upland tie-in to an existing sewer line and manhole. The outfall diffuser was installed with timber pile and brace foundation.

HDPE Intake Pipelines, Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic

Marine Superintendent for this $5.2 million project, I supervised construction of two 54-inch-diameter, 3,600-foot-long, side-by-side HDPE pipelines starting in Puerta Plata harbor and terminating just off a reef in theAtlantic Ocean.  These were intake pipelines for power generation.  Approximately 800 feet of the pipelines were buried, and the remainder was laid on natural bottom.  

NELHA HDPE Water-Cooling Pipe, Kaehole Point, HI

Responsible for supervising installation of 9,850 linear feet of 55-inch-diameter HDPE pipeline. The 2.5-mile pipe was installed at depths ranging from 85 to 2,950 feet.  The pipeline tied into a drilled shaft at elevation -85 and laid on natural bottom, mostly coral reef and sand until termination at -2,950 feet in the Pacific Ocean.  My specific functions were to set up and supervise the fusion and weight installation, install anchorage for the nine sections of pipe, supervise the 25-mile towing operations from the fusion site to NEHLA, and assist is deployment analysis and implementation.    The total project value was $14 million.

HDPE Deep Water Cooling Pipeline, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Consulting, management, and site supervision for installation of this 1.75-mile, 24-inch-diameter deep water cooling HDPE pipeline, which terminated in 2,900 feet of water in the South Pacific Ocean.  I was brought in to head up the project from startup until the pipe was on the bottom.  My  specific functions included setting up the fusion and weight installation area in the Bora Bora lagoon, and developing and overseeing towing procedures for pipelines for the 15 miles from the lagoon to the deployment site on the north side of the island.  Designed anchorage for the entire length of the deep water pipe. He developed the deployment procedures and supervised deployment of pipe float and sink methods, with a required pull of 15 tons.

HDPE Raw Water Intake, City of Point, TX

Project Manager/Estimator for installation of 500 feet of 8-inch-diameter HDPE pipe and 4-leg jacket-type structure for this raw water intake.  I bid the project as lump sum, purchased materials, supervised installation, and closed out the project with the city.  Deployment was float and sink, with no pull required.

Marine Superintendent, Riverbed Pipeline, Oak Ridge, TN

Marine Superintendent for installation of 17,000 feet of 8-inch-diameter HDPE outfall pipe. I was in charge of towing the 17,000 feet of pipe from the fusion site up a winding river to the outfall tie in, and then supervising deployment, terminating in the main body of a larger river.  Deployment was float and sink method, with no pull required. 

Lake Source Cooling Project, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

This project was initiated as an RFP by Cornell University.  Five contractors were invited to give proposals for the installation of 10,350 feet of 63-inch-diameter HDPE pipe into Cayuga Lake, one of the Five Finger Lakes in upper New York.  This project was initiated by the university as a pilot program for deep water cooling.  The university was looking at a considerable savings on plant costs as well as the longer term solution for an environmentally sound system of air conditioning.  I was the lead in the RFP and superintendent of construction on this project. After the award, I developed deployment procedures and supervised the fusion and weight installation, towing of pipe, and deployment of pipe.  This pipe was installed using the float and sink method in 250 feet of water and required 27 tons of pull.

Experience Marine Construction:

1996 to 2002

Stolt Comex Seaway Inc.

Project Manager for new construction for the Stolt-Nielsen terminal, Docks 3 and 4, Braithwaite, LA

Steel pipe piles up to 10 feet in diameter, pipe racks, concrete deck, concrete roadway, piping, and structural steel.  The total project value was $15 million.

Project Manager Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier, Penacola Beach, FL

22’x1450’ pier.  Concrete piles, 24” octagonal/voided, concrete caps and beams, wooden Panels and rails.  Project value $5.2 million.

Project Manager repairs to Lock and Dam 13 and 14 on Kentucky River.  

Sheet pile, concrete work, riprap, demolition.  Project value $1.2 million.


Project Manager Commendencia Bulkhead, Pensacola, Fl. 

900lf sheeting, tie Back system of 24” concrete piles on batter, demolition, storm drain, backfill, dredging and bulkhead cap (concrete).  Project value $2.6 million.


Project Manager new construction Docks 3 and 4 Stolt-Nielse Terminal,Braithwaite, LA. 

Steel pipe piles up to 8’ dia.  Pipe racks, concrete deck, Concrete roadway, piping and structural steel.  Project value $3.6 million.


Project Manager/Superintendent for a $350,000 contract with the Delores Water Authority, Delores, CO. 

Contract consisted of installation/removal of two bulkheads in 250ft of water to facilitate the dewatering of a 20ft diameter pipe. 

Project Superintendent for a $2.7 million dollar contract with the PUD Grant County, WA. 

Contract consists of installation of deflectors at 12 spillways on the Wanapum dam, Beverly, WA.  Work was completed in the dry after installation of 54ftx45ft cofferdam, which was bolted to existing piers.  Completed 1st spillway.   Testing produced design flaw and the project was rebid the next year.


Project Manager/Estimator

$300,000 contract with the County of Batesville, AR Contract consists of retaining wall demolition, lock & dam structure stabilization, placement of 2,500 tons of derrick stone, riprap and backfill stone, filter fabric excavation and grading working from portable barges with 60 ton crane.

1994 to 1995

Orion Construction Corporation


Marine Superintendent

Lowell Canal Walkway, Lowell, Ma.Project Description: Two steel footbridges 150' each.  Responsibilities: Supervised the construction of two piers/hammerheads for the bridge. Set up flotation gear to accept and float bridge into position then sink onto piers and abutments.  Project value $1.2 million


Project Superintendent Disassembly of Loran Tower Island of Guam

Project Description: Dismantle 700' Loran tower, crate and ship off island to Honolulu.  Responsibilities: Coordinate between subcontractor, owner and local government. Supervise disassembly and crating. Arrange trucking and shipping to Honolulu.  Project value $550,000

1990 to 1994

Triton Marine Construction Corporation

Project Superintendent Repairs to Finger Pier, US Naval Base, Guam          

Project Description: Excavate perimeter of pier 1030'. Remove existing whaler and tie rods. Install new whaler and tie rods. Drive 400' CZ 128 sheeting. Form and pour concrete cap 1030'x12'x3'. Install cathodic protection system requiring 7 deepwells 12" diameter x 155' deep.  Responsibilities: Obtained business licensed for Triton and was licensed RME on Guam. Perform CQC inspections including grade/elevation, concrete testing, electrical continuity, pile alignment, concrete form design and evaluation, and ensure project compliance with plans, specs and government code. Locate and negotiate contracts with subcontractors. Purchase materials for job. Hire and supervise crew.  Project value $1.6 million.

Project Superintendent Repairs to Pier 2, Kahului, Maui, HI

Project Description: Remove deteriorated concrete and reinforcing at structural members of pier and replace with epoxy bonded concrete and new reinforcing.  Responsibilities: Mobilize to job site, set up of project, purchase materials and equipment, perform all CQC inspections including concrete testing, concrete form design and evaluation, and ensure project compliance with plans and specs provided by the State of Hawaii. Supervise crew of 12.  Project value $650,000


Project Superintendent Repair Pier Lima, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Project description: Strengthen existing structural members of pier with new steel splice plates and install concrete jackets. Remove old concrete jackets using explosives.  Responsibilities: Hired crew from Thailand, purchased materials, including explosives, supervised work performed, set charges.  Project value $1.7 mil

1981 to 1990

Waterfront Corporation

Project Manager/Diving Superintendent

Location: Mid‑west and eastern seaboard Projects description: Various marine construction.. Projects included outfalls, salvage, pile rehabilitation, dam and lock repair and general inland diving.

1974 to 1980


Construction Diver

Free lance diver out of local 1456 New York


Oilfield Construction Diver

IUC, Oceaneering, Martech, CG Doris,  North Sea and Gulf of Mexico


Saturation Diving Superintendent

Martech, Gulf of Mexico and California coast


Diving Supervisor

IUC, Oceaneering, Martech, East Coast USA, Gulf of Mexico, North Sea and Baltic Sea


1970 to 1974

 US Navy salvage diver



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